Turicum Private Bank partners with Clear Junction

by 27 April, 2021Company News

We are delighted to announce that Turicum Private Bank has partnered with Clear Junction to access enhanced banking and payments solutions.

The partnership will focus on facilitating real-time payments in GBP and EUR, and marks an important step in Clear Junction’s growth, as we seek to build our client portfolio of banks and financial institutions around the world.


Turicum Private Bank is a privately-owned bank and wealth management company based in Gibraltar. It has been providing first-class financial services to private clients and high-net-worth individuals since 1993.

The new partnership with Turicum is testament to the continued growth of Clear Junction, as we work to support global banks and financial institutions with a range of banking and payments solutions. Clear Junction’s digital payments platform is built using proprietary technology, robust risk management and a network of banking and payments partners in countries around the world.

As a licensed entity, Clear Junction’s solutions are designed to provide banks and financial institutions with access to the payment infrastructures they need to succeed.


The correspondent account service provided to Turicum enables access to additional payment rails such as SEPA Instant and Faster Payments.

“Being able to rely on efficient payment partners to better serve our range of sophisticated clients is of paramount importance. The fact that some of our clients already benefit from the global payment solutions provided by Clear Junction naturally led to our considering a collaboration,” explains Andreas Businger, CEO of Turicum Private Bank. “We trust that this partnership will allow us to continue sending and receiving cross-border payments as efficiently as possible for our customers.”

“Clear Junction is delighted to help Turicum in realising their business growth ambitions,” explains Dima Kats, Chief Executive of Clear Junction. “Adding another bank to our growing portfolio of banks, remittance operators and investment platforms is testament to the quality service we provide and we look forward to a long and fruitful relationship that helps them better serve their clients.”

To find out more about how Clear Junction can help banks and other financial institutions access banking and payment solutions that work for them, please get in touch via our contact form.