Clear Junction – a comprehensive provider of robust and compliant payment infrastructure services


Clear Junction offers a regulated payments infrastructure designed to meet the growing needs of global financial companies. Its end-to-end solution includes a variety of specialized payment services customized for Fintech companies of all sizes and maturity.

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Clear Junction’s offering is composed of three main components including regulatory services, advanced technology and key banking relationships. These modular elements may be used independently or jointly as required.


Payment infrastructures to meet your evolving needs

Corresponding accounts for banks and financial institutions

Participant membership of SEPA enabling clients unrestricted access to the EU interbank clearing system

Regulatory infrastructures for management of funds in EU

Holding funds and directing payments as per client instructions

Full EMI licensing allowing non-European e-wallets, banks and financial institutions to hold funds in the EU


All your required payment services on a single platform

Using innovative technology, the payments funnel runs seamlessly at every location through the platform’s back office. This PCI certified technology serves as the backbone for continuous and secure growth as your Fintech enterprise scales.

Key services Payment

Key services Payment

Payment entrance point, e-wallet payment management, payment transfers, IBAN account management, merchant services and white-labelling

Payment facilitators

Payment facilitators

Receipt, management and dispersal of cash from acquiring banks to merchants

Add-on payment

Add-on payment

Related modules – risk management, fraud monitoring and screening for regulatory compliance


Forming crucial banking and payment provider relationships

Clear Junction provides “banking as a service,” offering valuable banking-payment provider relationships that many customers cannot maintain on their own.

Supporting inbound and
outbound bank transfers
in SEPA zone

Cross-border transfers
between EU and other

Merchant services
relationships with European
card acquirers

Cost-effective alternatives
to SWIFT transfers

Issuance of Virtual

Alternative payment support via
relationships with recognized
global e-wallets


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