Payment Methods


Clear Junction offers a wide range of payments solutions that enable banks, financial institutions and other organisations to find effective routes into countries and jurisdictions around the globe. Put simply, we help businesses realise their growth ambitions by giving them access to local payment solutions on a global scale.

Our global digital payment processing platform provides access to local and international payment rails that enable you and your customers to receive, hold, transfer and payout in multiple currencies through a single touchpoint. Clear Junction’s proprietary technology can provide access to domestic and international payment networks across the UK, Europe and non-EU countries.


BACS was formed in 1968 and was originally known as the Inter-Bank Computer Bureau. Over the past 50+ years, very little has changed in its guiding principles and functionalities, and it is typically used for the payment of salaries by businesses in the UK. BACS is only available in GBP and BACS payments take up to three working days to clear.

CHAPS (Clearing House Automated Payment System) was established in 1984 and originally called the Bankers Clearing House before moving to its current name the following year. CHAPS is only available in GBP but payments can be settled the same day and there is no limit to the transaction value.

Faster Payments UK is suitable for the near-immediate settlement of transactions up to £1,000,000. It is only available in GBP, but there is a guaranteed delivery time of two hours (although payments typically clear within 15 seconds).


SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) was introduced for credit transfers in 2008 and fully implemented in the euro area in 2014. It facilitates euro payments via credit transfer and direct debit to EU countries, as well as a number of non-EU countries. There is no limit to the transaction value and all payments are processed in the same way as local payments, thereby localising your organisation’s international reach.

The SEPA Instant Credit Transfer (SEPA Instant) scheme is a fast and effective means of sending and receiving payments of up to €100K across Europe at any time, day or night. Clear Junction enables access to SEPA Instant to save your business time and provide flexibility. Payments are typically processed within 10 seconds and it has the capacity for high payment volumes. We offer a competitive fee structure and can scale payments depending on the requirements of your organisation.


Clear Junction offers payout services in a number of world regions outside of the UK and EU. These services cover the US and other countries. Additional countries can be added if requested.

Our fully automated solution enables financial institutions to submit payout instructions via our API or manually by uploading files onto our online banking platform.

When coupled with our FX conversion service, global payouts can add sufficient efficiency to your institution operations.