Clear Junction has developed a range of payments solutions to power disruptive remittance companies and online money transfer services around the world.

Sending cross-border payments can often be challenging for certain businesses, but our team of experts have worked to provide fast access to payment rails and networks to enable the sending and receiving of funds in multiple jurisdictions.

We have extensive experience in supporting money transfer and remittance services. Our platform is designed to minimise the operational and financial challenges of launching and scaling remittance fintechs, as well as supporting more mature businesses.

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Partnering with Clear Junction enables remittance companies and other international money transfer service providers to access the solutions they need to function and grow. One of our goals is to facilitate remittances to locations around the world, including across Europe, Asia-Pacific and Africa, and our collection accounts and access to payment networks facilitates this.


  • Collection accounts to hold a monetary balance with Clear Junction
  • Access to the Faster Payments System, SEPA and SEPA Instant
  • Receive funds in the UK and send to recipients around the world
  • Facilitate currency exchange and payouts in non-EU countries
  • Make local currency payouts in the Commonwealth of Independent States
  • Integrate new payment rails using our API


Clear Junction’s proprietary technology enables remittance companies to receive funds into collection accounts and make cross-border payments in multiple locations around the world. Our solutions have been built with our customers in mind and we understand the importance of adopting a flexible approach. In many instances, we can tailor our solutions to better meet your specific requirements.

Access solutions you need

Accessing the accounts, banking and payments solutions you need to operate is often the first major hurdle money transfer companies need to overcome. We can help you do just that.

Reach wider audiences

Connecting to the Clear Junction network and associated payment rails immediately opens up new channels for your business through which you can reach new, wider audiences.

Safe and compliant services

We take compliance and security as seriously as you would expect from a responsible fintech. We are licensed by the FCA as an EMI and have protective processes in place.

Automate and integrate

Our API enables seamless integration to automate many of the services you will be offering to customers. You can also manage your account through our online banking platform.

Boost efficiencies and processes

Partnering with Clear Junction gives you access to payment networks across the UK, EU and non-EU countries. We facilitate fast settlement of funds to boost efficiencies.

Manage and track everything

Our online platform provides an overview of all of your payments, transactions and activities, enabling your team to manage and track everything quickly and easily.

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Compliance & Security

We take compliance and security extremely seriously and have the knowledge, experience and processes in place to ensure client funds are held securely at all times. We have rigorous onboarding procedures in place and conduct in-depth due diligence, AML and KYC as standard.

Global Coverage

We are licensed as an electronic money institution by the Financial Conduct Authority and have access to payment rails that extend across the UK, Europe, non-EU countries and other jurisdictions.


We adopt a proactive approach to emerging risks and evolving regulations. Our view is that a proactive response is better than merely reacting to changes as and when they arise.

PCI Certification

We selected PCI DSS certification as the standard to use throughout our organisation. It is the de-facto industry standard, has an excellent reputation and helps build trust with our customers.


Data protection and financial operation security are the most important criteria that Clear Junction relies on. We use advanced solutions to protect our partners and their data.


We use multi-factor authentication mechanisms to ensure that all people having dealings with Clear Junction are who they say they are – security and peace of mind is of paramount importance.


Our bespoke technology is used in all of our service provision processes. This proprietary technology undergoes regular third-party audits to ensure it meets our high standards at all times.

Our solutions

Clear Junction has developed a global digital payment processing platform that enables clients to receive, hold, transfer and pay out in multiple currencies through a single touchpoint. Above all, we pride ourselves on powering financial institutions by providing simple solutions to complex issues.

Our solutions are designed to help you gain control and clarity, increase efficiencies, secure peace of mind and enter new markets. Partner with Clear Junction, power the delivery of exceptional services to your customers and realise your growth ambitions.

Correspondent Account

The correspondent account that Clear Junction provides is the cornerstone of our customer offering. Put simply, it is a payment account that enables financial institutions to hold and maintain a monetary balance in their own name. From here, you can make, receive and convert payments on behalf or in favour of your customers in multiple currencies across multiple jurisdictions. The correspondent account also serves as a portal through which our clients can access all other Clear Junction solutions.

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Virtual IBANs

Virtual IBANs can be used to send and receive payments around the world, enabling them to widen their customer base, provide settlement solutions and expand into new markets. 

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Access a range of payment networks to expand your reach. Our platform enables you to connect to a digital infrastructure that facilitates payments in the UK, across Europe and non-EU countries.

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Our FX solution enables FIs to convert multiple currencies quickly and easily. Through a simple connection to our online platform, businesses can make payments in their customers' preferred currency.

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