Every business uses current account(s) for its day to day activity. Usually such accounts serve for ongoing payments for office rent, office supplies, consultant wages and employee salaries. Financial companies usually have separate accounts for this type of payments (administrative payments) as opposed to Client Money Accounts used for operational activity that includes dealing with funds belonging to clients and receipt of client payments.

Clear Junction offers current accounts in EUR that come with an IBAN enabled for inbound and outbound EUR payments via SEPA in EU and GBP payments via FasterPayments, BACS and CHAPS in the UK.

Online account access offers the following services:
  • A 24/7 access to account balance and payment information;
  • Multiple account users with customizable rights and permissions (i.e. for managers, accounting staff etc);
  • Storage of payee data (templates);
  • Scheduled payments;
  • Automated notifications on any activity related to the account.
Account security is provided via a set of controls including:
  • Custom limits;
  • Dual operation authorization based on pre-defined limits (i.e. for outbound payments, payee setup etc);
  • MFA-protected operation authorization;
  • Logging of account access.